"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war"

The 'Dogs of War' in our logo are our three hounds. Mooch is on the left, Penny is in the middle, and Minion is on the right. A couple of years ago, I fostered Penny through SAFE - Saving Animals From Euthanasia - in Busselton, Western Australia. Penny is a big friendly Staffordshire X American Bulldog, who just happens to be as deaf as a post. She also happened to be pregnant at the time she came home with me, which was somewhat unexpected to say the least.

About seven weeks later, Penny gave birth to a healthy litter of twelve puppies. Enquiries by SAFE revealed the dad to be an English Mastiff. So twelve BIG puppies, growing like weeds and full of energy, plus mum, all in the downstairs living room of my townhouse. Cry 'Havoc', indeed.

Long story short, Elizabeth, Jackie and the crew at SAFE Busselton stepped up and helped find homes for all the puppies. I kept the black male as company for Penny. After a great deal of thought, and a great deal more beer, I named him Minion, which is short for Satan's Furry Minion. If there was something being chewed to bits, or a jailbreak from the puppies' enclosure, or a fresh pile of poo in the middle of the carpet, it was Minion. My brother Dave (the other half of Cry Havoc Games) also adopted one of the puppies - a brown male called Mooch. His name is pretty self-explanatory.

So they're our 'Dogs of War'. Except that they're not. Some artistic licence has been taken with their images. The only battles that Penny, Minion and Mooch ever get involved in are either for attention or a spot on the lounge. Pat any one of them and the other two will force their way in for a pat as well, and when you sit on the lounge it's a full-blown scrum as they all try to get on your lap. At the same time. With combined weight between them of about two hundred kilograms. Our lounge has seen better days, but we wouldn't change a thing.

Support your local animal rescue organisation. They do good work, and could use your help.